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Library List of Books

Below is a list of the books available for checkout from the Guild Library. For more information on each book and the reviews that have been done, here is a link to an Excel spread sheet you can open on your computer at home.  Once you have the file open on your own computer you can sort it different ways to find the books you may be interested in.    Full Book List    If you use Quattro you can still use this file.  Simply download the file, open Quattro, select the book file, and indicate that it is an Excel file.  It will open for you in your Quattro program. 




Building Craft Equipment Abrams, C & A. Jay Miscellaneous
Clans, Septs and Regiments of the Socttish Highlands, The Adam, Frank Miscellaneous
Handweavers Notebook, A Alderman, Sharon Weaving
Handwoven, Tailormade Alderman, Sharon Weaving
Mastering Weave Structures, Transforming Ideas Into Great Cloth Alderman, Sharon Weaving
Rugmaking Craft Allen, Edith Louise Weaving
Weaving Contemporary Rag Rugs Allen, Heather L Weaving
Weavers Of The Southern Highlands Alvic, Philis Weaving
Alden Amos Big Book Of Handspinning Amos, Alden Spinning
Spinning Wheel Primer Amos, Alden Spinning
Guatemalan Textiles Today Anderson, Marilyn Weaving
Weave & Wear It I:Outerwear Andes, Drooker, Andes Weaving
Byways In Handweaving Atwater, Mary Meigs Weaving
Crime In Cornweather Atwater, Mary Meigs Miscellaneous
Design And The Handweaver Atwater, Mary Meigs Weaving
Recipe Book - Patterns For Handweavers Atwater, Mary Meigs Weaving
Shuttlecraft Book Of American Handweaving Atwater, Mary Meigs Weaving
Wonderful Wearables Avery, Virginia Sewing
Finishes In The Ethnic Tradition Baizerman, S.& Searle  
Women's Work:The 1st 20,000 Yrs. Barber, Wayland  
Decorative Braiding & Weaving Barker, June Weaving
Bound Weave Barrett, Clotilde Weaving
Double Two-Tie Unit Weaves Barrett, Clotilde Weaving
Shadow Weave & Corkscrew Weave Barrett, Clotilde Weaving
Summer And Winter And Beyond Barrett, Clotilde Weaving
History of Eastern Montana Weavers Basta, Margaret Miscellaneous
Fashions From The Loom Beard, Betty J Sewing
Pattern And Loom Becker, John Weaving
Pattern And Loom, Supplement Becker, John Weaving
Braiding And Knotting: Tech. & Projects Belash, Constantine Weaving
Working With The Wool, How to Weave a Navajo Rug Bennet, Bighorse Weaving
Navajo Weaving Way, The Path From Fleece To Rug Bennet, Noel & Tiana Bighorse Weaving
Designing With the Wool, Advanced Techniques In Navajo Weaving Bennett, Noel Weaving
Easy Guide To Serging Fine Fabrics Benton, Kitty Sewing
Home Weaving Beriau, Oscar Weaving
Power Sewing Betzina, Sondra Sewing
Technique Of Woven Tapestry, The Beutlich, Tadek Weaving
Warp / Weft / Sett Beveridge, June H. Weaving
Key To Weaving Black, Mary Weaving
New Key To Weaving Black, Mary Weaving
Rocky Mountain Dye Plants Bliss, Anne Dyeing
Navajo Textiles, W.R.Hearst Collection Blomberg, Nancy J. Weaving
Art & Craft Of Hand Weaving, The Blumenau, Lili Weaving
Hands On Dyeing Blumenthal, Betsy Dyeing
Lichens For Vegetable Dyeing Bolton, Eileen Dyeing
Art & Technique Of Wool Away, The Bowen, Godfrey Miscellaneous
Braids... Article Collection Braids Weaving
Lace-Making In Czechoslovakia Brazda, E. Weaving
Coverlet Book, The Bress, Helene Weaving
Inkle Weaving Bress, Helene Weaving
Weaving Book, The Bress, Helene Weaving
Shibori, Creating Color & Texture On Silk Brito, Karren K. Dyeing
Book Of Looms, The Broudy, Eric Weaving
Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing Book, The Brown, Rachel Multiple
Navajo Native Dyes Bryan, Nonabah G. Dyeing
Keep Me Warm One Night Burnham & Burnham Weaving
Cut My Cote Burnham, Dorothy Sewing
Women's Voices From The Oregon Trail Butruille, Susan G. Miscellaneous
Needlepoint Designs from American Indian Art Cammann, Nora Miscellaneous
Abstract Picture Making Capon, Robin Miscellaneous
Beginner's Guide to Braiding, The Craft of Kumihimo Carey, Jacqui Weaving
Learning To Warp Chandler, Deborah Weaving
Leno Weave Chetwynd, Hilary Weaving
Art Of African Textiles, The Clarke, Duncan Weaving
New Textiles, The Colchester, Chloe  
His Weaves And Weaving Collingwood, Peter Weaving
Rug Weaving Techniques, Beyond The Basics Collingwood, Peter Weaving
Techniques Of Rug Weaving, The Collingwood, Peter Weaving
Weaving-A Creative Approach For Beg. Creager, Clara Weaving
Adventures In Weaving On A 2 Harness Loom. Cripps, Alice K. Weaving
Sew Something Special Curtis, Linda Kubik Sewing
Manual Of Swedish Weaving Cyrus-Zetterstrom, U. Weaving
Splint Woven Basketry Daugherty, Robin T. Basketry
Straw Plait Davis, Jean Basketry
Handweavers Pattern Book (Brown-1944), A Davison, Marguerite Weaving
Handweavers Pattern Book (Green-1944), A Davison, Marguerite Weaving
Needleweaving...Easy As Embroidery Dendel, Esther Warner Weaving
Textiles Of Ancient Peru & Their Techniques Dharcourt, Raoul Weaving
Din Ornamentica Romana Din  
Scotch Tartan Setts Douglas, Harriet C Weaving
Samplers You Can Use Drooker, Penelope Weaving
Embroidering With The Loom Drooker, Penelope B Weaving
Nepalese Textiles Dunsmore, Susi Weaving
Dye Plants And Dyeing-A Handbook Dye Plants Dyeing
Design Motifs Of Ancient Mexico Encisco, Jorge Weaving
Opening  & Closing Ericson, & Charles Sewing
Great Put On, The Ericson, Lois  
Glorious Knits Fassett, Kaffe Knitting
Sweater Workshop, The Fee, Jaqueline Knitting
In Sheep's Clothing, A Handspinner's Guide To Wool Fournier, Nola And Fournier, Jane Spinning
Seven Projects In Rosepath Frey, Berta Weaving
Designing & Drafting For Handweavers Frey, Berta Weaving
Magic In the Water Fry, Laura Weaving
Warping All By Yourself Garrett, Cay Weaving
High Whorling Gibson-Roberts, Priscilla A Spinning
Final Steps, The Gordon, Beverly Weaving
Belt Weaves Griffin, Gertrude Weaving
Deflected Warps And Wefts Griffin, Gertrude Weaving
200 Patterns For Multiple Harness Looms Groff, Russell E. Weaving
Cardweaving Or Tablet Weaving Groff, Russell E. Weaving
Clothing - A Handwoven Approach Hamaker, Barara Sewing
Weaver's Pattern Book Of Loom Shaped Clothing, A Hann, Gloria Sewing
Our Scottish District Checks Harrison Miscellaneous
Scottish Woolens Harrison, E.S. Weaving
Finishing Handwoven Wool Fabrics Harrisville Designs Weaving
Natural Basketry Hart, Carol & Dan Basketry
Guide To Successful Tapestry Weaving, The Harvey, Nancy Weaving
Split Twine Plying Harvey, Virginia & Tidball  
Weft Twining Harvey, Virginia & Tidball  
Weaving: A Handbook Of The Fiber Arts Held, Shirley E. Weaving
Growing Better Wool Henderson, A. E. Miscellaneous
Baker's Dozen: Tablemats and Beyond HGA  Publication Committee Weaving
Simply Beautiful Sweaters Hiatt, Beryl & Phelps Knitting
Reprints Of B Hochberg's Textile Articles Hochberg, Bette  
Weaving Primer, The Holland, Nina Weaving
Textiles   Forth Edition Hollen, N. & J. Saddler Weaving
Textiles   Second Edition Hollen, N. & J. Saddler Weaving
Textiles   Third Edition Hollen, N. & J. Saddler Weaving
Northwest Coast Indian Art, An Analysis Of Form Holm, Bill Miscellaneous
Free Weaving On Frame Loom Hoppe, Ostlund, Melen Weaving
Universal Stitches Hoskins, Nancy Arthur Weaving
Flemish Weaving Ingers, Gertrude Weaving
Color Star, The Itten, Johanes Miscellaneous
Elements Of Color, The Itten, Johannes Miscellaneous
Woolcraft Book, The Jackson, Constance, Plo Multiple
Indian Basketry James, George W. Basketry
Ethnic Looms Jarstad, Caroline  
Weaving A Traditional Coverlet Jarvis, Helen N. Weaving
Summer and Winter; Technique and Variations Jefferson, Annis Weaving
Weaving In Jordan Jordan Crafts Council Weaving
Rainbows, Shadows, and Illusions Keasbey, Doramay Weaving
Sheer Delight - Handwoven Transparencies Keasbey, Doramay Weaving
Fabric & Yarn Dyer's Handbook, The Kendall, Tracy Dyeing
Ancienat Peruvian Textiles King, Elizabeth Miscellaneous
Designing On The Loom Kirby, Mary Weaving
Synthetic Dyes For Natural Fibers Knutson, Linda Dyeing
Silk Workers Notebook, A Kolander, Cheryl Spinning
Color And Fiber Lambert, P Weaving
Twills And Twill Derivatives Landis, Lucille Weaving
Maggie Lane's Oriental Patchwork Lane, Maggie Sewing
Material Wealth: Living With Luxurious Larsen, Jack Lenor Miscellaneous
Willow Oak And Rye Lasansky, Jeannette Basketry
More Than Four Laughlin, Mary E. Weaving
Lets Make An Egg Basket Laughridge, J. Basketry
American Handweaving Drafts Lermond, Charles Weaving
Hands On Weaving Liebler, Barbara Weaving
Homespun - Hand Knit Ligon, Linda Spinning
Rug Weavers Source Book, A Ligon, Linda Weaving
Small Webs Lundback,&Ransback Weaving
Basic Principles Of Design   (Set Of 4 Bks) Maier, Manfred Miscellaneous
Ray Manley's The Fine Art Of Navajo Weaving Manley, Ray Weaving
Tapestry Visions - Convergence '94 Marois, Marcel Weaving
Rug Weaving ,Techniques For 2 Harness Mattera, Joanne Weaving
Navajo Rugs - Past, Present & Future Maxwell, Gilbert S. Weaving
Clothing From The Hands That Weave Mayer, Anita Luvera Sewing
Compendium Of Finishing Techniques Mceneely, Naomi Multiple
Feltmaking Mcgavock, Deborah & Christine Lewis Felting
Alteration Without Aggravation Mcguire, Dee Demont Sewing
Pricing & Promotion - A Guide For Craftspeople Mcguire, E. Patrick & Louis Moran Miscellaneous
Wheat Weaving Mcneil, Lois & Doxie Keller Weaving
Fabric & Fiber Sourcebook, The Mcrae, Bobbi A Miscellaneous
Rag Rug Handbook Meany/Pfaff Weaving
Creating Art From Fibers and Fabrics Meilach, Dona Z. Weaving
Modern Approach To Basketry. A Meilach, Dona Z. Weaving
Weave It - 28 Projects For Your Home Meltzer, Marilyn Miscellaneous
Spanish-American Blanketry Mera, H.P. Spinning
Spinners Workshop, The Mercer, John Miscellaneous
Design Sources For Pattern Messent, Jan Miscellaneous
Designing With Pattern Messent, Jan  
No Common Thread-Woven Favorites To Explore Moes, & M. Treit Weaving
Weaving As An Art Form Moorman, Theo Weaving
Creative Thread Design Morris, Mair Weaving
Handwoven Laces Muller, Donna Weaving
Practical Modern Weaving Murray, Rosemary nbsp;
Tension and Harmony, The Navajo Rug Museum of Northern Arizona Weaving
Warp Painting, A Manual For Weavers Nash, Dominie Weaving
Wool Fabric of History Natl Geographic Miscellaneous
Off Loom Weaving Book Nauman, Rose & Hull Weaving
Indian Basket Weaving Navajo School Weaving
Four Harness Huck Neher, Evelyn Weaving
Twill Of Your Choice Oconner, Paul R. Weaving
Handbook Of Weaves, A Oelsner, G. H. Weaving
How To Wind A Warp & Use A Paddle Osterkamp, Peggy Weaving
New Guide To Weaving Osterkamp, Peggy Weaving
Braids: 250 Patterns From Japan, Peru, & Beyond Owen, Roderick Weaving
Finnish Textiles Oy, Helmi Vuorelma Weaving
Make Your Own Great Vests Parks, Carol Sewing
Handwoven Treasury Patrick, Jane Weaving
Weaving For Beginners Paulin, Lynn Weaving
Weaving On Rings And Hoops Paulin, Lynn Weaving
Virgin's Knot, The Payne, Holly Miscellaneous
Weaver's Book Of Fabric Design, The Phillips, Janet Weaving
Step-By-Step Macrame Phillips, Mary Walker Weaving
Take Silk - A Guide to Silk 'Paper' for the Creative Fibre Artist Pinnell, Judith Felting
Handweaving Plath, Iona Weaving
Corvers for Portland Handweavers Guild Annual Style Shows, 1960s Portland Handweavers Guild Miscellaneous
1000+Patterns In 4,6,&8 Harness Powell, Marian Weaving
Handbook Of Indigo Dyeing, A Prideaux, Vivien Dyeing
Hand Weaving Patterns From Finland Pyysalo, Helvi Weaving
Wall Hangings Rainey, Sarita R Weaving
Hands On Spinning Raven, Lee Spinning
Learning To Weave With Debbie Redding Redding, Debbie Weaving
Frame-Loom Weaving Redman, Jane Weaving
Art Of Weaving, The Regensteiner, Else Weaving
Weavers Study Course Ideas Regensteiner, Else Weaving
Navajo Shepherd And Weaver Reichard, Gladys A Miscellaneous
Spider Woman, A Story Of Navajo Weavers And Chanters Reichard, Gladys A Miscellaneous
Weaving A Life: The Story Of Mary Atwater Reiter, Mary Jo Miscellaneous
Egg Baskets To Weave Roberts, Nellann Basketry
Handbook Of Timesaving Tables For Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Roth, Bettie& Schulz Spinning
Enjoyment & Use Of Color, The Sargent, Walter Miscellaneous
Step-By-Step Stitchery Sayles, Shirley Miscellaneous
Weaving In Africa South Of The Sahara Schaedler, Karl-Ferdinand  
Network Drafting: An Introduction Schlein, Alice Weaving
Art Of The Weaver, The Schorsch, Anita Weaving
Technique Of Freeform Design, The Searles, Nancy M. Weaving
Swedish Swatches Selander, Malin Weaving
Weave A Weave Selander, Malin Weaving
Weaving Patterns Selander, Malin Weaving
Irelands Traditional Crafts Shaw-Smith, David Multiple
Eight Shafts- A Place To Begin Shelp  &  Wolstenberg Weaving
Introducing Weaving Shillinglaw, Phyl Weaving
Spinning And Weaving With Wool Simmons, Paul Spinning
Turning Wool Into A Cottage Industry Simmons, Paula  
Crackle Weave, The Snyder, Mary E. Weaving
Lace And Lacey Weaves Snyder, Mary E. Weaving
Basket Patterns Sober, Marion Burr Basketry
Celtic Charted Designs Spinhoven,Co Miscellaneous
Straw And Straw Craftsman Staniforth, Arthur Basketry
Knitting From The British Islands Starmore, A. & Matheson Knitting
Basketry Of The Appalachian Mountains Stephenson, Sue H. Basketry
Setts Of The Scottish Tartans, The Stewart, Donald C. Weaving
American Woven Coverlets Strickler, Carol Weaving
Weavers Book Of 8-Shaft Patterns, A Strickler, Carol Weaving
Weaving Around The World: A Compilation Stumbough, V. Miscellaneous
Summer & Winter, A Weave For All Seasons Sullivan, Donna Weaving
Weaving Overshot Sullivan, Donna Weaving
Pique: Plain and Pattered Sullivan, Donna Weaving
Weaving Techniques And Projects Sunset Books Weaving
Color And Weave Design Sutton, Ann Weaving
Structure Of Weaving, The Sutton, Ann Weaving
Tartans, Their Art And History Sutton, Ann & R. Carr Weaving
Ideas In Weaving Sutton, Ann & Sheehan Weaving
Step By Step Spinning And Dyeing Svinicki, Eunice Spinning
Rigid Heddle Weaving Swanson, Karen Weaving
Swedish Patterns and Designs, Portfolio 1 Swedish Homecraft Society Weaving
Swedish Patterns and Designs, Portfolio 2 Swedish Homecraft Society Weaving
Backstrap Weaving Taber, Barbara & Marily Anderson Weaving
Creative Ojo Book, The Thomas, Diane  
Tapestry Thompson, F. P. Weaving
Decorative Dressmaking Thompson, Sue Sewing
Willow Oak And Rye Thorpe, A. & Larsen  
Elements Of Weaving Thorpe, Azalea & Jack Larsen Weaving
Handweavers Workbook, A Thorpe, Heather Weaving
Fitting Solutions Threads Magazine Sewing
Sewing Tips & Trade Secrets Threads Magazine Sewing
Introduction To Natural Dyeing, An Thresh, Robert & Chris. Dyeing
Brocade Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Contemporary Tapestry Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Double Weave-Plain And Patterned, The Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Handloom Weaves Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Summer & Winter & Other 2 Tie Unit Weaves Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Supplementary Warp Patterning Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Two-Harness Textiles: The Loom Contr. W. Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Two-Harness Textiles: The Open Work Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Undulating Weft Effects Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Weavers Book Of Scottish Tartans Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Weavers Book, The Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Merry Christmas, Handweavers Tidball, Harriet Weaving
Technique Of Weaving, The Tovey, John Weaving
Weaves And Pattern Drafting Tovey, John Weaving
Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding Turner, Alta Weaving
Legacy Of The Great Wheel, The Turner, Katy Spinning
Complete Book Of Drafting For Handweavers, The Van Der Hoogt, Madelyn Weaving
The Best of the Weavers Fabrics That Go Bump Van Der Hoogt, Madelyn Weaving
Indigo, Madder, And Marigold Vanstralen, Trudy Dyeing
Spinning Designer Yarns Varney, Diane Spinning
Shibori, The Inventive Art Of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing Wada, Yoshiko, Mary Kellogg Rice & Jane Barton Dyeing
Art And Design In Textiles Ward, Michael Miscellaneous
Salish Weaving-Primitive And Modern Wells, Oliver N. Weaving
Women's Work Weltge, Sigrid Miscellaneous
8,  12... 20: Introduction To Multishaft Weaving Wertenberger, Kathryn Weaving
Designer Diagonals West, Virginia Sewing
Finishing Touches For The Handweaver West, Virginia Weaving
Virginia West Swatch Book, The West, Virginia Weaving
Weaving Is Fun White, A V Weaving
Old-Time Tools & Toys Of Needlework Whiting, Gertrude Miscellaneous
Foxfire 2 Wigginton, Eliot Miscellaneous
Blue And Yellow Don't Make Green Wilcox, Michael Dyeing
Pile Weaves, The Wilson, Jean Weaving
Weaving Is Creative Wilson, Jean Weaving
Weaving Is Fun Wilson, Jean Weaving
Weaving You Can Wear Wilson, Jean & J. Burhen Weaving
Color And Weave Windeknecht, Margaret Weaving
Creative Monks Belt Windeknecht, Margaret Weaving
Color Trends Wipplinger, Michelle Miscellaneous
Weaving With Foot-Powered Looms Worst, Edward F. Weaving
Americana Weaving Zachario, Irene Weaving
Master Weaver Library   14 Volumes****** Zielinski, S. A. Weaving
Encyclopedia Of Handweaving Zielinski, Stanislaw A. Weaving
Knitting Workshop Zimmerman, Elizabeth Knitting
Step By Step Weaving Znamicrowski, Nell Weaving

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