The membership requirements for the Handweavers Guild of Boise Valley are simple.  Dues are $30 per year.    Please fill out the membership form and include it with your payment.  Dues can be mailed to the address on the form or brought to a Guild meeting. Visitors are welcome at all times.

What does the $30 dues provide?

1.  Access to the great selection of weaving, spinning, and other books in the Guild’s Library.

2.  Members are the first ones to hear about the annual weaving or spinning workshops sponsored by the Guild each year.  Workshops usually are three days long and experienced teachers are brought here to teach us more about weaving or spinning.

3.  Monthly Newsletters are posted to the website.  Members can access the newsletters at their convenience and print them if desired.  Also, a link to the newsletter is sent to the email group at when it is uploaded.  Members may choose to purchase a subscription to printed newsletters.

4.  Access to the Guild’s private email group at  Be sure to read the information about the email group at the bottom of this page.

Membership Policies

Membership dues are due in June each year.

Late dues will be accepted until September 15th. Members who have not paid their dues by that date will be dropped from the membership rolls, will stop receiving the monthly newsletter, and will not receive an updated membership directory.

If a New Member pays for their dues in April or after, the dues will apply to the remainder of the current year and to the following year, as well. Dues paid late in the year, but before April, will apply only to the current year.

BoiseGuild Group for Members

A private has been set up for members of the Guild.  Each month notification that the newsletter has been posted to the website is sent to all members who have signed up to the Group.  It is a great tool in contacting everyone with important information if a meeting has been changed or for questions between meetings.

Joining the group is simple.

1.  Contact Cindy Griewe at and ask for an Invitation to the Group.  The BoiseGuild Group is set to private so only members who have received an invitation may join.  All postings to the BoiseGuild group are private and are not accessible to internet searches.

2.  Follow the instructions you receive with the Invitation to the Group and you will be all set.  Be sure to bookmark the group once you join, it does not come up in searches since it is private.

The BoiseGuild group is the master list of e-mail addresses for Guild members.  If you need to contact someone, you can find their e-mail address from the list of members to the group.  Private e-mails can be sent as well as a general post that all members of the group will receive.

To send a private e-mail, you can click on the person’s e-mail address from the Members page inside the BoiseGuild Group webpage.  Or you can copy the desired e-mail and paste it into your usual e-mail program.

To send an e-mail to everyone in the Group, you can click on the “Post” link under Messages from the Group webpage or you can copy and paste the group e-mail address  into your usual e-mail program.  Everyone will receive the message you send.  If you click reply to a Group message, everyone will see your reply.   So be sure to double check the e-mail address attached to your message if you wish to send a private message.

If you are not getting notices about the newsletter or if you are having trouble with, contact Cindy Griewe at